Burn before you shine ..

You have been you from the time you saw light and heard voices,

You have been you since you sensed the touch of other being.

Never could an unknown build your soul,

Then why allow unknown to break it to soil?

Time is traveling past you fast enough.

Enjoy the moments or grief about the past,

Fill it with laughter or smear it with pain,

you will soon be left with nothing but a name ..

They say that the dawn is darker than the dusk as it bears the black of the night..

So come rising off your aches to feel the love above the plight..

You need no one but you to recognize your heart for let it glorify each and every beat,

With music of those beats , a heart will rhyme through, bringing peace and getting itself knit.

Let not your heart drown the beats of the other heart that you had been carrying for years .

In the midst of darkness bound by egoistic bling,Nor sway away the remembrance of loving memoirs ..


Let your heart hold the pieces for sake of those old lanes,

you crossed them together with laughter and triumphant.

Allow love to gather moments and bless you forever

culminating your flames stronger as ever ..


Look through the closed eyes..

The vivid scenes of our life are captured by our “mind’s heart” and reflected when we see them through our closed eyes. Quite an ironical statement but yet so piously true.

In the quietest of hours or in the most serene moments , we tend to find ourselves in the calmness of a frame that had already taken place in our life. A picture that reels in front of our blank eyes that we cherished the most.

Sitting with Grandma cooking pan cakes , taking Grandpa for a ride on your new bike , fighting with Brother for a piece of chocolate , dancing on the bed with Sister, holding onto Mom’s hand while getting mesmerized by the Ferris wheel in the fairs and festivals, getting a piggy back on Daddy, strolling with a Friend by the beach or waking up to see the Lover caressing our hair.. Different eras of quintessential love for people attached to us for life.

How much ever we want, we can’t revisit the same stage and age of life. A moment passed becomes a memory only to be cherished with heart full of love.

Yet, Sometimes life takes it hard on us when these people are no more around. We lose them , yet we need to survive through it to reach out to our own horizon. Acceptance of their absence helps us in reconnecting with them at a different level alleviating our longing pain and emptiness.

Just a glimpse of them remains in our memory.. we cannot touch them but can feel them.. we cannot see them in our open eyes but with the closed ones.. we cannot smell them but their scent is intact in our breath..

Sometimes we find ourselves in the same frame of life though we have grown older and circumstances have changed but the only thing that retains is it’s lingering touch on our emotions.

Lucky are a few, who get blessed to sense the presence of some of these people, only by touching another soul. And this seems quite a dream, that we see from open eyes; For we have seen them through our closed eyes.

These blissful souls are always there for us guiding our lives, manifesting our dreams with their kind words, generous smiles , heartfelt laughter, warm touch and tender care.

Cheers !


Laugh when you can’t smile or the other way round ?

Can you make others happy while you are burning within?

Sometimes people take an extra step for making someone smile but when they let someone walk on themselves , it is an irritating sight for others. They are termed “hypocrite” instead of “charming”. Errrr !!! That last sentence made it all sore.

Come terms with life. It’s too short,so first respect your own soul. Don’t try to please others killing your own self. This is a “Terrible disease”, if I may quote. Instead, give your best shot to make someone happy while taking care of your own smile. It is a commendable characteristic to acquire. There is a thin line between adjustment and alteration when it comes to human behavior. Adjustments help human behavior assertively, giving space to your interlocutor to build up a relationship. Now Alteration changes this human for pleasing his interlocutor and in this process he might just make himself discontented.

With so much of technological advancements, it is important for human race to advance emotionally too. The one piece of most important emotional advancement is being empathetic. People misjudge sympathy to empathy, even the most literate ones do ! This adds up to the so called ” people pleasing attitude”.

Oh, and then there are a bunch of people who have another classic skill set, ” Adamancy”. They don’t have empathy or sympathy for others cause they don’t want to advance themselves technologically or emotionally. This breed just lures for attention or precisely ” people pleasing diseased human” around themselves, always! Unfortunately, only catastrophic incidences change such people to believe in advancements.

Hopefully my readers can make the point out of the above jotted thoughts. ( Am trying to reach out to the set of ” interested to learn and advance” people here. Thank you for your nodding smiles !! )

Ok, let’s make this little lighter… shall we !

Check on the below warning signs that are trying hard to take care of their own objective but in a hilarious manner. May be this is how we need to behave too, passing smiles while accomplishing our job precisely..

Cheers …

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The mystery blogger award

Thank you so much Megha for liking my post. While checking your posts I bumped on to this award nomination page. And thus I am putting forth my answers to your questions and my set of new questions for the next nominees.


1. Put the award logo/image on your blog.
2. List the rules.
3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
6. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people.
7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice, with one weird or funny question (specify).
9. Share a link to your best post(s).

While going through the rules on Meher’s post I realized that even the mystery blogger award had different versions of itself surfing through WordPress, which is precisely why I decided to not to ask questions in my last post, because I wanted to stick to the rules mentions there.


Okoto Enigma


1. If you had the chance, would you go to outer space or to deepest reaches of the oceans?

2.If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

3. What fictional place would you most likely go to?

4. Who’s your go to band or artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to?

5. Wierd Question : If you were the dictator of a small island nation, what crazy dictator stuff would you do?

My answers :

  1. I would love to reach deep into the oceans heart, feel the life ruling on it and bring in the memories of a defined space that cannot be defined in its own venture.
  2. If I had to change my name, I would try to put up something that relates me to my mother’s mom. I have never seen her but I sense an attachment to her many a times in my life.. seems a lil weird cause I myself have felt the weirdness when I see her in my dreams..
  3. To my past, to a certain period I was friends with someone with whom I don’t have any connections in present. I go to beautiful islands with that person and spend good time talking my heart out like I did in the past , though in known places.
  4. Rihanna and Adam Levine in one side of the world.. Lata Mangeshkar in another side ! Hope people can relate to my sides !!
  5. Ah ! As a dictator of an island, I would decree hugging each other and mandatorily speaking the good things about the other person , when one is angry on someone.

My Questions:

  1. If people can fall in love three times in their lifetime, why do they generally feel that only the first love to be the true one?
  2. If animals could talk, which one would you like to befriend not pet ?
  3. What do you think about afterlife ?
  4. How is your name unique according to you ?
  5. The crazy question : Whom would you decline for a date night out of the best Hollywood hunks or queens ?

Thanks people to check on my several posts. I have two sites, out of which one is exclusive for helping out new moms. Please check them out and share to help mom’s around the world.

Love for the little heartbeats





Deep down your heart



My nominations are open for anyone to fill in with apart from the below bloggers:-

  1. Elle Nguyen


2. John coyote




Indistinctly distinct..

The ply of a daughter has always been controversially overwhelming.

The heart wrenching pain that a daughter goes through in her life is never seen by anyone but her parents,mostly the mother.

A mother, however strong she might be gets weaker at her knees when even a pin hurts her daughter.

It’s never so that a mother does not care for the son, but she deeply understands that as her son grows up, he would be emotionally independent to take care of himself. Moreover the presence of another woman in his life ,would fill his life with the nurturing bond that a woman’s heart carries deep within. He would be loved for the rest of his life with utmost care and sensitivity of this woman.

A mothers love is irreplaceable but how much ever one can deny, this new woman’s presence builds the man for his entire life too. This woman stands as a pillar for the man and struggles day in day out to sustain his pain on herself and carve his life towards a harmonious one.

May be that’s how a Man is meant to be!

But the Daughter ? What about her ?

Of course with changing generations, a mother wants her daughter to be emotionally independent too and take the world by her fists. But unfortunately a woman’s heart does not work like a man’s.

Who would cover for the fragile heart of the woman like what her mother did?

The man of her life ? Can he ever stand to the expectation of a daughter’s mother and provide the daughter with such sacrificing love and care that she deserves?

A woman is stronger than a man cause she bears the pain but still smiles. She cares , she loves , she gives her attention much more than she would ever get back. And she knows it. But still a woman is told to be on the weaker side.

She can smile and laugh with all, but her tears are buried in for herself. Only her mother can feel the dreadful pain she is going through by looking into her eyes or listening to her voice.

They say, Love is always free spirited. When someone tries to control it , the delicacy breaks. But they never could understand that a woman’s heart is delicate too. When a man plucks her from the garden of her family, and tries to place her in his own’s, he needs to make sure to nurture her giving her both space and love that she deserves. It’s she whose presence beautifies both the worlds, the one where she took birth and the one where she gives birth. She can never be uprooted from her previous life to just ornament in this new world. She would always be a daughter first and then a wife. If the man tries to change this equation , his ruthless acts just bring tears to her.

A woman as per her sacrificing built would always change herself to bond into her new world but that would be half-hearted. Cause a part of her still belongs to her parents that cannot be smothered for sake of the new world.

A woman holds all the lives together, ties it all up with unseen strings and knits the cocoon for her man, his parents and his children. She needs to be accepted whole heartedly from all corners of her new life and thus be given the deserving love and compassion , empathy and care , attention and admiration because she builds past , present and future worlds that’s just not for herself but for each and everyone around.

Love her to flourish her love further but not to take it away from the ones who love her.

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The bond of love…

Life is such a beautiful journey that we like to catch,

But it runs away so fast from our hands..

Feels tough while undergoing the present days ,

When it is actually slipping away like the shimmery sands ..

Left with nothing but memories in heart,

Grasping on to the moments that we shared years ago.

Cherishing the laughters and cries,

Still trying to realize that it’s mine and never letting it go.

They say Love is forever, the only reason we bond.

So God gave us the emotion to love relations above and beyond.

– payal

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