Burn before you shine ..

You have been you from the time you saw light and heard voices,

You have been you since you sensed the touch of other being.

Never could an unknown build your soul,

Then why allow unknown to break it to soil?

Time is traveling past you fast enough.

Enjoy the moments or grief about the past,

Fill it with laughter or smear it with pain,

you will soon be left with nothing but a name ..

They say that the dawn is darker than the dusk as it bears the black of the night..

So come rising off your aches to feel the love above the plight..

You need no one but you to recognize your heart for let it glorify each and every beat,

With music of those beats , a heart will rhyme through, bringing peace and getting itself knit.

Let not your heart drown the beats of the other heart that you had been carrying for years .

In the midst of darkness bound by egoistic bling,Nor sway away the remembrance of loving memoirs ..


Let your heart hold the pieces for sake of those old lanes,

you crossed them together with laughter and triumphant.

Allow love to gather moments and bless you forever

culminating your flames stronger as ever ..


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