Indistinctly distinct..

The ply of a daughter has always been controversially overwhelming.

The heart wrenching pain that a daughter goes through in her life is never seen by anyone but her parents,mostly the mother.

A mother, however strong she might be gets weaker at her knees when even a pin hurts her daughter.

It’s never so that a mother does not care for the son, but she deeply understands that as her son grows up, he would be emotionally independent to take care of himself. Moreover the presence of another woman in his life ,would fill his life with the nurturing bond that a woman’s heart carries deep within. He would be loved for the rest of his life with utmost care and sensitivity of this woman.

A mothers love is irreplaceable but how much ever one can deny, this new woman’s presence builds the man for his entire life too. This woman stands as a pillar for the man and struggles day in day out to sustain his pain on herself and carve his life towards a harmonious one.

May be that’s how a Man is meant to be!

But the Daughter ? What about her ?

Of course with changing generations, a mother wants her daughter to be emotionally independent too and take the world by her fists. But unfortunately a woman’s heart does not work like a man’s.

Who would cover for the fragile heart of the woman like what her mother did?

The man of her life ? Can he ever stand to the expectation of a daughter’s mother and provide the daughter with such sacrificing love and care that she deserves?

A woman is stronger than a man cause she bears the pain but still smiles. She cares , she loves , she gives her attention much more than she would ever get back. And she knows it. But still a woman is told to be on the weaker side.

She can smile and laugh with all, but her tears are buried in for herself. Only her mother can feel the dreadful pain she is going through by looking into her eyes or listening to her voice.

They say, Love is always free spirited. When someone tries to control it , the delicacy breaks. But they never could understand that a woman’s heart is delicate too. When a man plucks her from the garden of her family, and tries to place her in his own’s, he needs to make sure to nurture her giving her both space and love that she deserves. It’s she whose presence beautifies both the worlds, the one where she took birth and the one where she gives birth. She can never be uprooted from her previous life to just ornament in this new world. She would always be a daughter first and then a wife. If the man tries to change this equation , his ruthless acts just bring tears to her.

A woman as per her sacrificing built would always change herself to bond into her new world but that would be half-hearted. Cause a part of her still belongs to her parents that cannot be smothered for sake of the new world.

A woman holds all the lives together, ties it all up with unseen strings and knits the cocoon for her man, his parents and his children. She needs to be accepted whole heartedly from all corners of her new life and thus be given the deserving love and compassion , empathy and care , attention and admiration because she builds past , present and future worlds that’s just not for herself but for each and everyone around.

Love her to flourish her love further but not to take it away from the ones who love her.

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14 thoughts on “Indistinctly distinct..”

    1. Thank you Elle..
      Yes, it’s more of an ironical article where I wanted to present the toughness of a woman even though she carries a fragile heart.
      People have their own perspective built than to comprehend the truth of being a woman.

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