The mystery blogger award

Thank you so much Megha for liking my post. While checking your posts I bumped on to this award nomination page. And thus I am putting forth my answers to your questions and my set of new questions for the next nominees.


1. Put the award logo/image on your blog.
2. List the rules.
3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
6. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people.
7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice, with one weird or funny question (specify).
9. Share a link to your best post(s).

While going through the rules on Meher’s post I realized that even the mystery blogger award had different versions of itself surfing through WordPress, which is precisely why I decided to not to ask questions in my last post, because I wanted to stick to the rules mentions there.


Okoto Enigma


1. If you had the chance, would you go to outer space or to deepest reaches of the oceans?

2.If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

3. What fictional place would you most likely go to?

4. Who’s your go to band or artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to?

5. Wierd Question : If you were the dictator of a small island nation, what crazy dictator stuff would you do?

My answers :

  1. I would love to reach deep into the oceans heart, feel the life ruling on it and bring in the memories of a defined space that cannot be defined in its own venture.
  2. If I had to change my name, I would try to put up something that relates me to my mother’s mom. I have never seen her but I sense an attachment to her many a times in my life.. seems a lil weird cause I myself have felt the weirdness when I see her in my dreams..
  3. To my past, to a certain period I was friends with someone with whom I don’t have any connections in present. I go to beautiful islands with that person and spend good time talking my heart out like I did in the past , though in known places.
  4. Rihanna and Adam Levine in one side of the world.. Lata Mangeshkar in another side ! Hope people can relate to my sides !!
  5. Ah ! As a dictator of an island, I would decree hugging each other and mandatorily speaking the good things about the other person , when one is angry on someone.

My Questions:

  1. If people can fall in love three times in their lifetime, why do they generally feel that only the first love to be the true one?
  2. If animals could talk, which one would you like to befriend not pet ?
  3. What do you think about afterlife ?
  4. How is your name unique according to you ?
  5. The crazy question : Whom would you decline for a date night out of the best Hollywood hunks or queens ?

Thanks people to check on my several posts. I have two sites, out of which one is exclusive for helping out new moms. Please check them out and share to help mom’s around the world.

Love for the little heartbeats


Deep down your heart

My nominations are open for anyone to fill in with apart from the below bloggers:-

  1. Elle Nguyen

2. John coyote



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