Laugh when you can’t smile or the other way round ?

Can you make others happy while you are burning within?

Sometimes people take an extra step for making someone smile but when they let someone walk on themselves , it is an irritating sight for others. They are termed “hypocrite” instead of “charming”. Errrr !!! That last sentence made it all sore.

Come terms with life. It’s too short,so first respect your own soul. Don’t try to please others killing your own self. This is a “Terrible disease”, if I may quote. Instead, give your best shot to make someone happy while taking care of your own smile. It is a commendable characteristic to acquire. There is a thin line between adjustment and alteration when it comes to human behavior. Adjustments help human behavior assertively, giving space to your interlocutor to build up a relationship. Now Alteration changes this human for pleasing his interlocutor and in this process he might just make himself discontented.

With so much of technological advancements, it is important for human race to advance emotionally too. The one piece of most important emotional advancement is being empathetic. People misjudge sympathy to empathy, even the most literate ones do ! This adds up to the so called ” people pleasing attitude”.

Oh, and then there are a bunch of people who have another classic skill set, ” Adamancy”. They don’t have empathy or sympathy for others cause they don’t want to advance themselves technologically or emotionally. This breed just lures for attention or precisely ” people pleasing diseased human” around themselves, always! Unfortunately, only catastrophic incidences change such people to believe in advancements.

Hopefully my readers can make the point out of the above jotted thoughts. ( Am trying to reach out to the set of ” interested to learn and advance” people here. Thank you for your nodding smiles !! )

Ok, let’s make this little lighter… shall we !

Check on the below warning signs that are trying hard to take care of their own objective but in a hilarious manner. May be this is how we need to behave too, passing smiles while accomplishing our job precisely..

Cheers …

<a href=””>Bewildered</a&gt;


15 thoughts on “Laugh when you can’t smile or the other way round ?”

  1. Human behaviour has so many dimensions. One moment could change so many people. However, Amidst these ever changing times, all we should do is be a happy soul ! Well written Payal !!

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      1. Actually happiness is~=satisfaction most of the’s one step ahead of success.if one can understand this he/she is happy.nobody can make other “happy”.it’s not a cookieeeeee.

        We are happy only when we are satisfied.☺

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