Look through the closed eyes..

The vivid scenes of our life are captured by our “mind’s heart” and reflected when we see them through our closed eyes. Quite an ironical statement but yet so piously true.

In the quietest of hours or in the most serene moments , we tend to find ourselves in the calmness of a frame that had already taken place in our life. A picture that reels in front of our blank eyes that we cherished the most.

Sitting with Grandma cooking pan cakes , taking Grandpa for a ride on your new bike , fighting with Brother for a piece of chocolate , dancing on the bed with Sister, holding onto Mom’s hand while getting mesmerized by the Ferris wheel in the fairs and festivals, getting a piggy back on Daddy, strolling with a Friend by the beach or waking up to see the Lover caressing our hair.. Different eras of quintessential love for people attached to us for life.

How much ever we want, we can’t revisit the same stage and age of life. A moment passed becomes a memory only to be cherished with heart full of love.

Yet, Sometimes life takes it hard on us when these people are no more around. We lose them , yet we need to survive through it to reach out to our own horizon. Acceptance of their absence helps us in reconnecting with them at a different level alleviating our longing pain and emptiness.

Just a glimpse of them remains in our memory.. we cannot touch them but can feel them.. we cannot see them in our open eyes but with the closed ones.. we cannot smell them but their scent is intact in our breath..

Sometimes we find ourselves in the same frame of life though we have grown older and circumstances have changed but the only thing that retains is it’s lingering touch on our emotions.

Lucky are a few, who get blessed to sense the presence of some of these people, only by touching another soul. And this seems quite a dream, that we see from open eyes; For we have seen them through our closed eyes.

These blissful souls are always there for us guiding our lives, manifesting our dreams with their kind words, generous smiles , heartfelt laughter, warm touch and tender care.

Cheers !


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